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Have you ever wondered if it were possible to run or walk every street in your city? How many streets are even in your city? How many miles would you have to run in order achieve this feat? How much have you already completed? StreetFerret was designed to help you explore the world around you through running. We know you like to run with your phone, so StreetFerret is optimized for display on smartphones.


StreetFerret is a stats junkie's dream. Our statistics and search tools show you how you're progressing towards running every street in your city. Features available to all users include:

  • Number of cities you've run in
  • Total number of streets and distance in a city
  • Percent of streets complete
  • Percent of total distance complete
  • Percent complete of individual streets
  • Show progress of individual streets on map

Your Activity Data

StreetFerret activity data comes from Strava, a social activity tracking service. Your runs in Strava are synchronized with StreetFerret every time you complete an activity, meaning your statistics will be continually up-to-date. StreetFerret uses Strava exclusively. If you have your running data in another service, there are several free tools that will help you import your runs into Strava.

Map Data by OpenStreetMap

StreetFerret city and street data comes from OpenStreetMap, a free, user-editable mapping service. Our map data is updated weekly so that your statistics are always up-to-date and accurate. StreetFerret follows OpenStreetMap access tags -- only streets that are open to the public are used in our service. Find an error on the map? Fix it in OpenStreetMap and StreetFerret will pick up the change on its next update.

Subscriber Features

Need More?

If statistics alone aren't enough, StreetFerret offers additional features for a small fee. If you enjoy using StreetFerret, we hope you will consider becoming a subscriber. Membership fees help to cover the costs of running the StreetFerret servers and support new features.

Subscribers can pull up beautiful detailed city maps with boundaries that show your progress in any city that you've run. The map view is perfect for planning your next run for those missing street segments.

Share your Map

While you're working on running all the streets in your city, we know you'll want to share your progress with family and friends. Subscribers have the option of making their maps publicly viewable.

LiveFerret Mode

For mobile-optimized maps on the go, check out our LiveFerret mode. LiveFerret shows a StreetFerret map of your local area, with an icon for your current position. LiveFerret mode will continually move the map based on your current position so that you can efficiently ferret out missing streets during your run. Just navigate to the streets in red on your map and off you go.

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